Thursday, February 14, 2013


Only #Archer could make @NeilTyson name sound sexy and dirty.


#Southland is still a great cop show. Glad it's back.

Thursday, February 07, 2013


So glad #Community is back. More #GreendaleBabies #6SeasonsAndAMovie

Tuesday, February 05, 2013


The best thing about last night's #RHOBH, @TaylorArmstrong wasn't on it


More reasons I loved the #30Rock finale

  1. The St. Elsewhere fakeout.  When St. Elsewhere ended in the 80s, they revealed the show was all the imagination of an autistic child.  He was looking into a snow globe of the hospital in the final scene.  The final scene of 30 Rock we see Kenneth looking into a snow globe of 30 Rock and it seems like it could be a dream but then it's not a dream.  Good fakeout. 
  2. Jenna's 4th wall fakeout.  She looks right in the camera and confesses to never have met Mickey Rourke.  But then cut to another angle and Liz is looking around puzzled and Jenna was just talking to no one and not the audience.
  3. Liz's hallucination.  It what appears to be another 4th wall joke, a fake promo for Griz and Hers appears.  But only Liz sees it and I like to think she was having a hallucination probably because she was seeing an opportunity to work on this new show.
  4. Lutz and Blimpie's.  Not Subway or Quizno's.  Not the newcomer Jimmy Johns.  Lutz of course wants Blimpie's.
  5. Transparent Dishwashers.  Really, why aren't these a thing?  When I was a kid they had these at Sears so you could see what was happening inside.  I have always wanted one.
It was just the best ending to one of the best series ever.


#RobinDaggers invented grunge in 1996. Seems legit. #HIMYM

Monday, February 04, 2013


Why can't I buy the #RuralJuror song from #30Rock on iTunes?

Saturday, February 02, 2013


Stop what you are doing and watch Downton Arby's #DowntonAbbey #DowntonArbys

And then there's the SNL spoof commercial for Downton Abbey on Spike TV:

And finally for those in Seattle, there's Renton Abbey:

New Episode tomorrow!



If either @matthewpauld or I had watched #FashionPolice on Monday, we would have known Amanda Seyfried's dress for Trivia at @TheLobbySeattle. #StillWouldHaveLost

But look their dresses are almost identical. Amanda was the best dressed choice for Kelly and George but all they talked about was how Jennifer Lawrence had Pneumonia and looks more randomly stunning than a monkey with a taser.  Also, why doesn't Amanda Seyfried have a verified twitter account?



I'm hungry for dip thanks to #BestWeekEver. I want to dip my chips in a dip made of chips.



Is it cool to like #Glee again? I enjoy everything but Rachel. Why is she still on the show? #TeamLordTubbington



I loved the last #30Rock, I will never forget you #RuralJuror

30 Rock was one of the greatest shows of all times.  I'm sad to see it go but also so happy it was able to have a full life.  I'm so happy it finished with a call back to one of my favorite jokes of all time, The Rural Juror.  It was the Rural Juror episode which made me fall in love with the show.  It's what I call a Cookie Episode.  The opposite of the Jump The Shark episode, a Cookie Episode is when you love a episode so much that you are forever devoted to it.  For many fans that episode was the one with Paul Rubens, but for me it was the Rural Juror.  I listened to Jenna's song at the end several times then looked up the lyrics on the internet.  Here they are courtesy of
The Irma Luhrman-Merman murder
Turned the bird's word lurid
The whir and the purr of a twirler girl
She would the world were demurer
The insurer's allure
For valor were pure Kari Wuhrer
One fervid whirl over her turgid error
Rural juror
Rural juror
I will never forget you
Rural juror
I'll always be glad I met you
Rural juror

I will never forget you
Rural juror
I'll always be glad I met you
Rural juror (x2)
These were the best days of my flerm.

The show also ended with a flash forward to see everyone having happy and successful lives and Kenneth still running the network 100 years in the future confirming his rumored immortal status. A perfect end to one of the most perfect shows.  Thanks NBC for seven wonderful seasons.


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