Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I finally watched an episode of #CatfishTheTVShow. @RealAdamLevine was spot on as @NevSchulman. #catfish

The last two weekends I was at parties and separate friends asked me if I liked the show Catfish.  I hadn't heard of it nor the movie.  Well maybe I had I just didn't care enough to remember.  Then SNL did a great skit about it so Sunday I added a few episodes.  I love when I get to watch a spoof of something before the real something.  I did that with Ghost Whisperer.  Whenever I watch Catfish and someone comes out the side door I laugh my ass off.  SNL and Adam Levine were great.

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Monday, January 28, 2013


#RHOBH, glad horrible Adrienne was in only 5 seconds tonight. Quit the show already. #TeamBrandi



After deconstructing #TheFollowing with @HappyFunMatt, I will not be watching again for many reasons

  1. It's misogynistic. All of the targeted victims are women and the strong female agent is charge is constantly being undermined. 
  2. The over use of literature. It's obvious the writer is trying to justify the poor decision of majoring in English in college. Nobody cares about romantic era poets. And it's a really dumb basis for a serial killer. 
  3. No one can possibly be as manipulative at the villain. He gets people to kill other and kill themselves for no personal gain just so he'll like them. Seems legit. 
  4. He's a literature expect and a super computer hacker as well? Grumpy cat says "no". 
  5. He was able to set up hundreds of accounts, profiles, and blogs while supposedly research his legal defense. With all these accounts and all finding all the "Followers" no one reported this? No one reported that they think thy might be talking to the most famous serial killer to the FBI or even TMZ? Nope, people want attention and someone would have blabbed. They wouldn't have just figure this out after he escaped.
  6. I guess escaping from jail resets your death row countdown clock. 
  7. I just hate serial killer stories.  There are more serial killer stories on TV every year than actual serial killers in all of history. Stop it! Be original!

It's too bad this show was started on such a shaking foundation because I've been looking forward to it for months. I can't imagine it will take other viewers very long to see what we saw and drop this show.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Yay #DowntonAbbey! #ShutUpLauraLinney


#BobsBurgers always delivers. #MuppetBabyBobby #MadPooper


Yay! New Simpsons! No one wants to play Emissaries To Byzantium


Finally watching #WhiteCollar. So happy it's back. #HighStakesCandyland


The new #H2 show #MankindDecoded is an actual history show. And it's good.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Why are the women on #PumpRules so cray cray? #SoGladImGay


I'm having the #BestWeekEver now that it's back!


Just ate a bag of @skittles because of this week's #parksandrec


I'm so glad #CougarTown is back. I want to party with Ron Mexico

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