Sunday, May 20, 2012


NBC Fall 2012 New Shows

NBC has the most numbers of new fall shows. Some look good and some look terrible.

Post Apocalyptic world where all electricity stopped working everywhere. This looks terrible and I will watch every single episode because I love post-apoc. Apparently everyone forgot about mechanical steam engines.

Go On
Matthew Perry is a radio sportscaster who is in grief counseling after his wife died. The preview looks promising. Check out the preview.

The New Normal
A gay couple hires a surrogate to help them have a baby. I consider this the best prospect for the fall. It's new Will and Grace. Nene Leeks is one of the couple's assistant and she looks amazing.

Animal Practice
Life in a large vet office. Oh my this looks terrible. Marcel from friends stars as Dr. Zaius.

Guys With Kids
Three friends hang out with their babies. This looks like it could be good too.

Chicago Fire
Life in a Chicago fire house. I think this will be a hit but I don't really care for shows about firemen or paramedics or doctors so much.

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Revolution look so bad, I just know it's going to be bad, but I agree that it's a must watch. It will be lucky to make it through an entire season. I couldn't help but notice their clothes look brand new, oops, it has already begun...

One thing that's good about these shows is that actually make the Noah Wiley show more watchable. I thought it was the worst show I could imagine, now it seems pretty good.
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