Monday, May 21, 2012


CBS Fall 2012 New Shows

I don't watch much CBS. I'm only going to try out one new show.

Business partners and friends navigate the new relationship in one of their lives. Boring.

A show about Las Vegas. Again. This time it takes place in the 60s so we can have mob stuff. No thank you.

Modern day Sherlock Holmes moves to Manhattan after a bout in rehab and joins up with Dr. Watson played by Lucy Lui. You had me a Lucy Lui. I'll watch anything she's in.

Made In Jersey
Jersey girl works for a uptight Manhattan law firm. This sounds like the worst garbage I could imagine.

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I want to like Vegas but it's the type of thing that barely makes sense for one episode and I really don't see how it could possibly go 7 years.

"I'm honest, hard working, and speak in catch phrases."

"Oh yeah, I have a gun and no morals."

The real situation would be resolved very quickly. Old Vegas will draw viewers, probably including me, to the premier and they won't come back the week after.

Partners looks interesting, but after "s*#@ my dad says", I just don't trust those guys to make a funny show anymore. We'll see.
Yeah you had me a Lucy Liu also. I'm going to opt-in for Vegas too because I love Vegas and mob stuff and 60s stuff when it is all together on a tv show.
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