Tuesday, May 22, 2012


ABC Fall 2012 New Shows

ABC has gone country this year, with two shows about country music.

Drama about life in the Nashville music industry. Keep this away from me.

The Neighbors
A family moves into a gated community only to discover everyone else are from another planet. We haven't had a great SciFi comedy in a while and I plan on watching.

Last Resort
A rouge sub might be the last survivor of a nuclear war. I can't imagine how they could stretch this out past a few episodes.

Malibu Country
Reba is a country singer living in Malibu. I do love Reba so I might give this a chance.

666 Park Avenue This looks like Needful Things on the Upper East Side. It's got Wilhelmina Slater and John Locke as possible demons and owners of the building so yep I'm watching.

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Nashville and Last Resort: Look! Everybody's in pain and getting betrayed and in trouble, doesn't that sound like fun to watch? No.

The Neighbors looks like it could be good.

Malibu Country: of course you knew I'd have to watch anything with Reba. It basically looks like the show Reba, which is fine by me. One important difference: Lily Tomlin.

666 Park Avenue: looks good design wise, looks interesting, but we'll have to see if the plot can go more than one season.

It seems like the shows next year on all networks are much higher quality.
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