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2011 Shows Renewed for Second Season

Hart of Dixie
What I Said Last May: This looks a lot like Northern Exposure except going south and with a lady doctor. Rachel Bilson is a New York doctor who takes over the practice in a small gulf coast town in Alabama. I do like Rachel Bilson
What I Say Now: I was going to watch this last fall but some how missed it. I don't feel bad about it.

2 Broke Girls
What I Said Last May: Two friends and coworkers scheme to make more money while waitressing It's on after HIMYM but I probably won't give this a chance.
What I Say Now: I caught part of the pilot and one of the girls had gone to Wharton business school and the best she could do was work as a waitress. I didn't buy it and never watched it.

Person Of Interest
What I Said Last May: This is the only show that kind of appeals to me as it stars Lost's Michael Emerson as part of a crime fighting duo. He uses advanced software to figure out crimes before they take place. Never mind, this sounds stupid.
What I Say Now: Friend of DTVB Matt watched the first few and then warned me off of this. Nothing on CBS is ever that good anyway.

Once Upon A Time
What I Said Last May: This one is a bit confusing. Townsfolk in a mysterious New England town are actually fairy tale characters and they don't even know it. Or something like that.
What I Say Now: I love this show. The episodes play out a lot like LOST episodes with a story in this world and a story in the fairy tale world that tie together. The finale was amazing with everyone regaining their memories of the fairy tale world and magic was brought to our world. Also they established there are other worlds they could travel to such as Wonderland, Oz, and probably Narnia and Neverland. I hope for six seasons and a movie.

Last Man Standing
What I Said Last May: Tim Allen is back as a dad living in the women's world of his wife and daughters. I'm not a big Tim Allen fan so I'll skip it. Also it just seems like we've seen this before.
What I Say Now: This show did well but they are moving it to Friday night next season. I assume they are trying to reboot the TGIF lineup.

What I Said Last May: A teenage girl and her single father move from Manhattan to a suburban nightmare. She is literally to cool for this school. Angsty teen comedies never last but maybe this will.
What I Say Now: I heard this is god but still didn't watch it. You can't watch everything.

What I Said Last May: There's a new girl in town at the Hamptons and she's pissed. And killing people so some reason. Rich people getting what's coming to them, always a good time.
What I Say Now: Clearly I got the wrong idea last year because she hasn't killed anyone. This is one of my favorite shows of the season and I'm happy it is moving to Desperate Housewives' Sunday timeslot.

New Girl
What I Said Last May: Zooey Deschanel moves in with three male roommates and they all become great friends. I hope this is good.
What I Say Now: When they recast one of the roommates and didn't reshoot the pilot, this show lost all appeal to me.

Up All Night
What I Said Last May: This has the dream cast of the season: Christina Applegate, Maya Rudolph, and Will Arnett as hard partying parents. This is a MUST watch.
What I Say Now: I watched it and then stopped watching it but now I'm going to go back and catch up on the episodes and watch next season.

What I Said Last May: NBC has not had a hit multi-camera sitcom in years. I'm hoping Whitney will change that. I was laughing hard during the 4 minute preview and I love Whitney Cummings' stand-up.
What I Say Now: How did this show survive? I really like the sexual role playing with Whitney and her boyfriend. I will tune it again next season.

What I Said Last May: Oh my this looks bad. I'm all for another good supernatural cop show but really, the Grimm fairytales as true cautionary tales? This won't make it to the World Series.
What I Say Now: This show turned out pretty good after all. They ended with a good cliff hanger with his wife in mortal peril and his dead mother showing up. I look forward to more.

Midseason shows:
Don't Trust The B in Apartment 23
I really enjoy this show and James Van Der Beek is brilliant.

My friend Chaterson loves this show so I may watch the first season over the summer.

FOX hyped this up quite a bit but frield of DTVB Matt told me it got weak after the first episode.

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