Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The New 2010 Shows Getting a Second Season

Not many new shows got renewed this season. But here they are what I thought about them before and what I think now.

Blue Bloods
What I said last May: New York cop family with Magnum PI, blah, blah, blah.
What I said last fall: Yet another New York cop show. And this one is about a family of cops. Let me guess there's a bad brother out there they have to consider covering up. Snore....
What I say now: I can't believe this survived. The pilot was laughed at for having the most obvious exposition ever. So, whatever...

Mike And Molly
What I said last May: A couple of fatties meet and fall in love at an Overeaters Annoymous group. Get this cancelled already and bring Big Bang Theory back to Monday.
What I said last fall: Fat love. I don't care.
What I say now: How the hell did this become the #1 new comedy. I've not watched it but Friend of DtvB Matt says the writting is aweful. So, whatever...

Hawaii Five-O
What I said last May: Super hot and sexy cast include Jin from LOST and Sharon from Battlestar Gallactica shot on location in Hawaii. With Jean smart as the governor of Hawaii! I so super excited!
What I said last fall: I'm most excited about this series reboot. The original lasted for 279 episodes. This is said to be a very contemporary version and not a remake. I don't remember much from the original except for the opening sequence. I like Hawaii and all of the actors especially Jean Smart. It is going to be great!
What I say now: Week after week of international terrorism in Honolulu got real tiresome. And too often they would "stumble on" to a murder. How many times have you stumbled across a dead body? They do it all the time. Also they killed Jean Smart. I won't be watching this next season.

Raising Hope
What I said last May: A family comedy about a unexpected new baby arrival in a very dysfunctional home. With guest star Cloris Leachman. Fox comedies always fail so don't get too attached.
What I said last fall: The creator of My Name is Earl is back with a dysfunctional family raising a baby that showed up unexpectedly. If it's anything like Earl, it will be very funny.
What I say now: This show is hilarious. It comes down to great characters masterfully played by great actors. I'm kinda sick of the girl with the duchey college boyfriend. It's time for them to break up already or give Jimmy a new love interest.

What I said last May: A sexy spy thriller with Nikita being hunted by her former agency. Sexy but no.
What I said last fall: This started this week. I caught the pilot and it was OK. I just don't see any long term potential. How long can you spend taking down a corrupt agency?
What I say now: The pilot episode failed to interest me.

Body Of Proof
What I said last May: Dana Delany and Seven of Nine in a procedural about a medical examiner. Sounds like a good show, too bad they are burying it on Friday nights.
What I said last fall: I love Dana Delany and I like the idea of a Quincy like medical examiner solving crimes. They don't have much faith in it by putting it on Friday.
What I say now: This was moved to mid season and Tuesday. I really like the showed but I haven't watched the finale yet. For crime procedural I put this up there with Castle.

Then of course there were a couple of mid-seasons: Harry's Law and Happy Endings. I watch and enjoy both of them.

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I am looking for second season of my favorite show Nikita.

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