Tuesday, May 17, 2011


NBC New Fall 2011 Shows

Like Bender, I'm back baby. The new fall schedules are coming out this week and here's my take.

Playboy Club
So the problem with Mad Men, is it sucks. No one likes to point this out, but it's true. The actors are great, the setting is cool, but the story lines suck. I stopped watching it after season 2 and the rating are terrible, there's no reason it should be on TV. However, The Playboy Club would never have come into existence without it. And this show looks great. It's my number one pick for the fall season, and not just because Eddie Cibrian is dreamy.

Up All Night
This has the dream cast of the season: Christina Applegate, Maya Rudolph, and Will Arnett as hard partying parents. This is a MUST watch.

NBC has not had a hit multi-camera sitcom in years. I'm hoping Whitney will change that. I was laughing hard during the 4 minute preview and I love Whitney Cummings' stand-up.

Free Agents
This show seems to be inappropriate in the workplace for the sake of being inappropriate in the workplace. The trailer did not make me interested in the story or the characters.

Prime Suspect
This procedural stars a female detective in a male dominated department. It seems kind of retro sexist and I don't know how realistic this is in 2011.


Oh my this looks bad. I'm all for another good supernatural cop show but really, the Grimm fairytales as true cautionary tales? This won't make it to the World Series.

More soon...

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