Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The CW New Fall 2011 Show

I'm down to just one CW show with Supernatural, which had a great an unexpected finale last week. Only Ringer is on my watch list for the fall.

Sarah Michelle Geller is back on TV an on the lamb after seeing a murder. She steals the identity of her twin sister but her life is kinda outta control as well. Yay!

Hart of Dixie
This looks a lot like Northern Exposure except going south and with a lady doctor. Rachel Bilson is a New York doctor who takes over the practice in a small gulf coast town in Alabama. I do like Rachel Bilson

A new reality show where celebrities and people who hate them compete in chalenges. I think they will get only the worst D-Listers for this disaster

The Secret Circle
An orphaned teenager moves in with her grandmother in a small northwest town and discovers everyone their is a witch.

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