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The current season of Futurama is just great. It's shaping up to be the best season yet and it's only 7 episodes into the 12 episodes season. The Zap Branigan episode was the only one I wouldn't watch again right now. Last night was one of the best again. They introduced the SciFi concept of sequential universes as opposed to parallel universes. In the end Fry, Bender, and the Professor go so far forward in time that the universe completely burns out and decays and then a new Big Bang restarts everything exactly the way it was before. However they miss their stop and have to cycle around again and then accidentally kill the Fry Bender and Professor from that universe preventing them from going forward. Which explains why no past sequential Fry and company showed up to live take their place. So F(0) -> F(2). F(2) = Dead. F(-1) -> F(1). F(-2) = Dead. And so on. I'm not sure if that was on purpose but it was complicated and hilarious.

Here is a list of my 10 favorite past Futurama's in no order.


Thursday, July 29, 2010


Summer Reality

Tonight is the premiere of the second season of The Jersey Shore. This is the season with the cast in Miami Beach. The third season back on the Jersey Shore is currently filming (after a brief cast strike). The cast has become a cultural sensation, but not too much since The President didn't know who Snookie was when asked on The View today. The governor of New Jersey said none of them are from New Jersey but he was misinformed. Sweetheart is from Jersey and three of them are from Staten Island which might as well be New Jersey. Seriously, look at a map. How did this island become part of New York? In addition to The Jersey Shore, here are the other reality shows I'm watching this summer.

Kathy Griffin's Life On The D-List. The season finale is next week. This is the funniest reality show. She is constantly planning crazy things just for her show, like her public pap smear.

The Fabulous Beekman Boys. A gay couple from New York City buys a farm in upstate New York and hilarity ensues. The recent episode had the birth of a bunch of adorable baby goats. So cute. And they have wonderful gay couple arguments over stupid things like how to park the tractors. It's very funny.

Holly's World. Holly was Hef's #1 girlfriend but her show is definitely #3 of the girls. Kendra's show is funny and having a sexy Super Bowl star husband to get into adventures with makes for a great show. Holly and her friends are trying so hard to be interesting but they are not. On of the girls has a baby and one got a boob job for her 21st birthday. Wait, maybe those were both the same girl. I don't really remember or care. Plus her gay friend is kind of annoying. He totally blew his audition for the Priscilla on Broadway so he could keep hanging out with Holly. What an idiot.

Last Comic Standing. This show gets completely reconfigured every time it comes back. This year it is very much the American Idol standard with home voting determining who stays and goes each week. My favorite is the tiny Jew, Myq Kaplan. He is the funniest.

Top Shot. This History Channel reality competition show is quite entertaining. It's done Survivor style with teams competing on shooting challenges. The loosing team nominates two candidates to compete in a final elimination challenge. The red team keeps nominating their best competitor because they don't like him. But he keeps coming back. I think next week the teams will merge. I find this show quite entertaining.

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Lil' Hitler

This seems to come up a lot lately:


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Say it right!


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