Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Season In Review: Smallville

For a few seasons I wondered why I watched Smallville. This season wasn't one of those. This season rocked. Clark began his destiny with a cool black suit with a long coat reminiscent of a cape. This season the mythology they took on was the city in a bottle, Kandor. In the comic books, Kandor was an actual city that wad shrunk and exists in the fortress of solitude. The Smallville Kandor is a metaphoric city in a bottle. A group of Kandorians were digitally stored and cloned on Earth long after their death on Krypton. They were lead by Zod and the writers took every opportunity to say "Kneel before Zod" they could. The show is now as much about Green Arrow and Watchtower as it is about Superman, and that is what makes the show good. This season also was the introduction of Checkmate. A super great twist was the identity of The Red Queen, a mysterious powerful person referred to by Checkmate. It turned out to be Clark's mom, junior senator from Kansas Martha Kent. It turns out she's ben pulling strings in the government to keep Clark's identity safe. In the end she gave his iconic blue and red costume. Next season will be the last so we should see him in it by the end of show. That's if survives his Kryptonite infected fall from a very high building.


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