Saturday, June 26, 2010


Season In Review: Saturday Night Live

The season before this last season SNL was riding high on election jokes, specifically Sara Palin jokes. This was another very solid year with many memorable moments. Of course the highlight of the season was Betty white. Possibly the best line of the season was "let her just stay home and lez out." Other than that, my favorite skit of the year was the one where Smashmouth was the monster in the closet of the little girl. Besides being wonderfully random, it just was funny from start to finish. JLo was great as the mom. The look on Smashmouth mouth faces as they almost get caught was brilliant. And I just loved the way the girl yelled Smash Mouth. Then Jason Sudeikis comes in as the tired dad and the skit got even funnier. Just great from start to finish. My second favorite skit wad the Gerard butler episode where the 300 army ended Don't Ask Don't Tell. My favorite new recurring sketch was Jenny Slate as Tina Tina in Doorbells and More, Car Horns and More, and Alarm Clocks and More. Become a fan of her on Facebook! Weekend Update had the great new character: Stefon. I can watch this over and over.

Here's my list of the top ten people who should host next season:
  1. Jeffrey Donovan (lead actor on Burn Notice…What is Burn Notice?)
  2. Steven Colbert (maybe as his Colbert Report character)
  3. Steve Carell (why has this never happened?)
  4. Carol Burnett (queen of sketch comedy in the 70's)
  5. Ricky Martin (newly out, either as musical guest or both)
  6. Russell Brand and Katy Perry (host and musical guest, respectively)
  7. Joy Behar (before Fred Armisen leaves the cast)
  8. Jane Lynch (or anyone from Glee but Matthew Morison)
  9. Jorge Garcia (now that Lost is over)
  10. Kathy Griffin (also, why hasn't this happened?)

Kathy Griffin, Steve Carell, and Jeffrey Donovan are all on NBC networks so these are perfect for cross promotion. I predict at least one of these in the first half of the next season. I want Kathy the most.


If Jeffrey Donovan hosts he should bring along Bruce Campbell!
I second that idea!
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