Friday, June 25, 2010


Season In Review: Glee

I loved Glee from the first time I saw the Pilot a little over a year ago. The show is the worst great show ever. The musical numbers are what we watch it for. But sometimes this show has worse writing than Jerry, Blairs cousin from Facts of Life. For instance, in the penultimate episode of the season the timeline was just completely off. The establish at the start of the show that the Cheerleading Nations are the upcoming weekend and that Quinn is going to sing her song on Friday. Then Will asks Sue on a date for Wednesday. After rejecting her he goes to school to find that Sue canceled the last two practices. The he convinces her to return, she does, they win nations. Next Quinn performs her song and then the group preforms their Funk song for Vocal Adrenaline, the end. So Sue canceled multiple practices after the Wednesday date? This would move the timeline to Friday at the earliest, but then they win the Nations before Quinn sings her song on Friday. And the obvious timeline problem wasn't even the worse thing about the episode. There was the way-too-mean egging of Rachel and the much-to-hard punishment for the tire vandalism. There was no way they should have been caught for that crime. It was just a bad-bad episode.

And they had some bad arc stories as well. The Rachel and her mother story was terrible. Yay we meet! No I don't want to get to know you right now! OK, I'll just adopt another baby and forget about you! It went way to fast and I never believed the characters (or any characters) would ever act like that. The worst thing about the show is Will Schuester singing Hip-Hop. He is on the bottom of the list of people I want to hear singing. Sue is better than him, and she clearly can't sing. She kinda talk-sings through Vogue and Physical and she's great. I want more.

But even with the numerous problems, this is one of my favorite shows ever. That's mostly because of the fun factor of the songs. I love the songs in the choir room (such as My Life Would Suck Without You), I like the fantasy numbers (such as The Safety Dance), I love the performance numbers (such as Don't Rain On My Parade) and I love the special guest numbers (such as I Dreamed a Dream). It's just very lucky this show has so much going for it I don't mind putting up with the foolishness.


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