Sunday, May 23, 2010


Canceled Shows: Two Seasons or More Edition

Better Off Ted
It's too bad, I really liked this show. I'm not a big fan of narrated shows, but this worked much like Malcolm In The Middle did. Ted was the only sane person in a really crazy corporate environment. The episode where they had to all swear at each other because of a memo typo was brilliant.

I think this is the third time this show was canceled. Maybe this time it will stay dead.

Ugly Betty
Flashforward didn't just kill my hopes for a great new TV show, it also killed Ugly Betty by taking its time slot. I think this show should have had one more season.

Cold Case
The only thing I know about this show is the MadTV skit:

CBS has a knack for having shows on for 7 seasons and still nobody I know has ever seen one episode.

Gary Unmarried
I never really watched this.

The New Adventures of Old Christine
I watched the first season until TiVo conflicts forced me to drop it. I think it is most successful post-Seinfled show. Let's see how The Marriage Ref does. I still can't believe it was renewed

It looks like they knew this was going to be the last season since the cast already had new shows lined up before the official annoucement.

Ghost Whisperer
It's her cursed-blessing:

ABC is in talks this week to pick it up mid-season so it may not be all that dead. I can hear it whispering to me

Like any Joss Wedin show is going to make it these days.

I stopped watching it this season because it was too violent.

The first season was the best but then they just never built on the character strengths since then. The final season with the movable carnival was rather confusing.

Law & Order
Canceled after 20 seasons was quite a surprise. SVU continues on in its 12 season and Criminal Intent in its 9th. Then there were Crime & Punishment and Trial By Jury which have since gone away. It will be replaced with Law & Order: LA which is their first location based show taking a page from CSI and NCIS.

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