Monday, March 08, 2010


The Office

So I started watching the office again. I watched the first season but I had to stop. The level of Sitcom Embarrassment Syndrome, or SES, was very high. Probably the highest in the histoy of TV. But this season I saw clips of the ends of episodes going into 30 Rock and they were very funny. Plus my friend Jeff kept telling me I should watch it, and he suffers from SES too. Last week was the one hour Baby Birth Episode. And for the first time ever The Office beat Greys Annotomy in the ratings. I think the bit with the ice cream cake was one of the funniest jokes on tv this whole season. However I could see the very uncomfortable joke about the other mothers baby coming and I had to scan through it. But other than that issue, I found the entire episode very good and I'll continue to watch this season and next.


I find that even with the random bits of SES that do occur that the overall humor still makes it worth it. Just avoid the episode where Michael goes back to help the kids he promised to help pay their college tuition. It was the one episode I simply couldn't bare.
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