Thursday, March 25, 2010


Elisabeth is Still Crazy; Elisabeth, Unlikely Voice of Reason

On Wednesday, Elisabitch Hasslecunt threw in a low blow against the Health Care Bill. She said American Idol was the only place that we still get to vote on. It was neither true or funny. Sheri was like, "Hold on, whatyajustsay?" Whoopie, quickly shot back with "Like the war! Like America voted on the war. Yeah!" Knowing she was loosing, she dropped the subject.

Then today she spoke out against the violence that some Republicans and Teabaggers are inciting. Sarah Palin released a list of congress members with a rifle crosshairs on a map. See below. She also said it is time to "reload" on this movement. EH agreed with Joy (reluctantly) that inciting violence is wrong and it needs to stop. Elisabeth: Unlikely Voice of Reason.


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