Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Elisabeth Hasselcunt is Crazy

I was very interested in watching the View yesterday after the passage of the health care bill over the weekend. Elisabitch Hasselcunt did not disappoint in bringing crazy to the table. First she excuses bigotry as people just being "fired up". Sherri did not let her get away from it. Then she changes the "Hot Topic" they are talking about spouting teabaggery talking points. Whoopi got so frustrated she has to take a few deeps breaths and remind herself to breathe. Of course she pretends to be the oppressed one like she always does. She constantly lies and says the majority of Americans don't want this bill, when 80% of the people at that table seems to be in favor of it. She thinks that 212 is more than 219. But the best is her outfit. She is wearing an Anne Coulter style cocktail dress in the early morning as if she was out partying all night and just wandered in. The other ladies are dressed more appropriately. Here is the clip.

Luckily they had only a limited time to talk about the landmark legislation that effects millions of Americans and the sixth largest industry (or whatever the metric is, I don't care enough to spend 20 seconds google-ing it; I'd rather spend 60 seconds writing about why I don't care) because they had to more on to the more important topic of Tiger Woods latest interview. Stay classy, ladies of The View.


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