Monday, March 29, 2010


The Daily Show is a News Show, Not a Comedy Show

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart returned from a week break this week. The fact that they do any breaks in their schedule is retarded. ReeeeTaaarDddeeeddddd!!!! They are a real news source, despite the fact they are Comedy Central. Last week was a huge news week with the completion of health care reform. And where was The Daily Show? On vacation or something. ReeeeTaaarDddeeeddddd!!!! Larry King goes on vacation and his show goes on with a guest host of Joy Behar or Kermit The Frog. Joy's new show is on break this week and she has some random lady judge hosting. All real news talk show have guest hosts at times and that is OK. Joy's lady judge sucked, but I'll still watch Joy when she comes back next week. Friend of Daniel's TV Blog, Matt, said that Olberman and Madow have guests hosts which suck compared to the main host. But they seem to know that news happens all year round and only that last two weeks of December can be repeats. What do they think will happen? People will stop watching the second string Daily Show? ReeeeTaaarDddeeeddddd!!!! People want news and we expect it from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart four days a week even if Jon Stewart isn't in the chair for four to ten weeks a year. Seriously, step up to they responsibility your have earned and accept that you are a real news source and stop taking weeks off. New episodes every week!


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