Tuesday, March 30, 2010


V is Back

V returns tonight. Although the show isn't perfect it is both enjoyable and a huge improvement over the original 80's mini-series and one full season. The characters are good and Elizabeth Mitchell is exceptional. I'm not super excited about The Leader or The Anchorman.

But about a month ago I came up with a way the show could have been super awesome. So imagine the pilot mostly the same with one difference. All the actors are the same, all the dialog is the same. Drop the reptile thing, which never really works anyway. Some of the effects would need to change. The big difference would be at the end. Ana is interviewed by Chad and when he asks her about the planet the Vs come from, it is revealed the aliens are actually from Earth in a distant future and the planet they are infiltrating is the alien planet. I think it would be a great twist. Too bad the show is already in progress.


Monday, March 29, 2010


The Daily Show is a News Show, Not a Comedy Show

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart returned from a week break this week. The fact that they do any breaks in their schedule is retarded. ReeeeTaaarDddeeeddddd!!!! They are a real news source, despite the fact they are Comedy Central. Last week was a huge news week with the completion of health care reform. And where was The Daily Show? On vacation or something. ReeeeTaaarDddeeeddddd!!!! Larry King goes on vacation and his show goes on with a guest host of Joy Behar or Kermit The Frog. Joy's new show is on break this week and she has some random lady judge hosting. All real news talk show have guest hosts at times and that is OK. Joy's lady judge sucked, but I'll still watch Joy when she comes back next week. Friend of Daniel's TV Blog, Matt, said that Olberman and Madow have guests hosts which suck compared to the main host. But they seem to know that news happens all year round and only that last two weeks of December can be repeats. What do they think will happen? People will stop watching the second string Daily Show? ReeeeTaaarDddeeeddddd!!!! People want news and we expect it from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart four days a week even if Jon Stewart isn't in the chair for four to ten weeks a year. Seriously, step up to they responsibility your have earned and accept that you are a real news source and stop taking weeks off. New episodes every week!


Thursday, March 25, 2010


Supernatural is back

A few months back I started getting caught up on CW's Supernatural. It is currently in its 5th season. I am finally caught up with real time and I'll be watching the new episode this week with everyone else. I have really enjoyed the show and I'm not quite sure why I didn't start watching it when it first came out. Each episode is like a short horror movie. There are not of shows with a great serial aspect like this (other than LOST of course). What I like about this was the serial story started of rather localized (hunting the demon who killed their mom) and slowly expanded to putting the brothers square between the final battle between Michael and Lucifer with all of humanity hanging in the balance. This story is supposed to be concluded by the end of the season with a new story starting next season. Also both the main actors are hot. No wonder there is so much brotherly incest fan fiction written about them. Gross and hot. They have even made fun of that on the show. Sadly, no love scenes yet.

A funny casting note is that the actor playing Lucifer is the same actor playing Jacob on LOST. This week on LOST he claimed not to be the devil. Yep, that's a different show.



Elisabeth is Still Crazy; Elisabeth, Unlikely Voice of Reason

On Wednesday, Elisabitch Hasslecunt threw in a low blow against the Health Care Bill. She said American Idol was the only place that we still get to vote on. It was neither true or funny. Sheri was like, "Hold on, whatyajustsay?" Whoopie, quickly shot back with "Like the war! Like America voted on the war. Yeah!" Knowing she was loosing, she dropped the subject.

Then today she spoke out against the violence that some Republicans and Teabaggers are inciting. Sarah Palin released a list of congress members with a rifle crosshairs on a map. See below. She also said it is time to "reload" on this movement. EH agreed with Joy (reluctantly) that inciting violence is wrong and it needs to stop. Elisabeth: Unlikely Voice of Reason.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Elisabeth Hasselcunt is Crazy

I was very interested in watching the View yesterday after the passage of the health care bill over the weekend. Elisabitch Hasselcunt did not disappoint in bringing crazy to the table. First she excuses bigotry as people just being "fired up". Sherri did not let her get away from it. Then she changes the "Hot Topic" they are talking about spouting teabaggery talking points. Whoopi got so frustrated she has to take a few deeps breaths and remind herself to breathe. Of course she pretends to be the oppressed one like she always does. She constantly lies and says the majority of Americans don't want this bill, when 80% of the people at that table seems to be in favor of it. She thinks that 212 is more than 219. But the best is her outfit. She is wearing an Anne Coulter style cocktail dress in the early morning as if she was out partying all night and just wandered in. The other ladies are dressed more appropriately. Here is the clip.

Luckily they had only a limited time to talk about the landmark legislation that effects millions of Americans and the sixth largest industry (or whatever the metric is, I don't care enough to spend 20 seconds google-ing it; I'd rather spend 60 seconds writing about why I don't care) because they had to more on to the more important topic of Tiger Woods latest interview. Stay classy, ladies of The View.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yay New South Park

South Park is back tonight. I think tonight is a Tiger Woods episode. They did a promo short which is a great spoof of the Ginger Hater Kid video. How amazing would it be to have South Park remake your own YouTube video?

Watch it here:

Here's the original:


Monday, March 08, 2010


The Office

So I started watching the office again. I watched the first season but I had to stop. The level of Sitcom Embarrassment Syndrome, or SES, was very high. Probably the highest in the histoy of TV. But this season I saw clips of the ends of episodes going into 30 Rock and they were very funny. Plus my friend Jeff kept telling me I should watch it, and he suffers from SES too. Last week was the one hour Baby Birth Episode. And for the first time ever The Office beat Greys Annotomy in the ratings. I think the bit with the ice cream cake was one of the funniest jokes on tv this whole season. However I could see the very uncomfortable joke about the other mothers baby coming and I had to scan through it. But other than that issue, I found the entire episode very good and I'll continue to watch this season and next.


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