Thursday, January 21, 2010


Spy vs. Spy vs. Spy

Tonight is the return of one of my favorite shows: Burn Notice. It's a story of a spy who got fired and now works as a private investigator in Miami. Lots of guns in the sun. Unlike another show with "Miami" in the title that is filmed in Long Beach, CA, this show is actually shot in Miami. It's a great show with great stories and great characters. I love it.

There sure are a lot of spy show on right now. Chuck started up again last week. The new "Chuck 2.0" is really working for me. Now he not only has super brain with all the super criminals in the world programmed, but he can access other super abilities like Kung Fu or speaking Cambodian, etc. Go Chuck!

However, the funniest spy show ever just started on FX. You really need to watch this. This show is filthy, and since its animated they seem to be able to get away with some of the nastiest dialog I've heard on TV. Sterling Archer is the main spy of the spy organization called ISIS. The main joke is this show is really just an office comedy, but the company is a spy company. Jessica Walter who played Lucile on Arrested Development is the voice of Archer's mom/boss. Somehow with just her voice she manages to steal every scene like in AD. This show is also on tonight. Don't miss it.

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