Wednesday, November 04, 2009



It's hard to say what are my favorite comedies this season. 30 Rock is as funny as even and Parks and Recreation is getting really good. Community is a great addition to the Thursday night line-up. Last week Parks and Recreation was particularly good. The show could be about a bunch of characters who work together but don't like each other but instead it's a lot more fun with them being slightly annoyed at each other but not hating each other.

CBS has the good Monday night shows. HIMYM is great because the cast is so good. I love all the Robin Canada jokes. Big Bang Theory is always a laugh.

But the best new shows are on tonight on ABC. Modern Family is hilarious and Cougartown is a hot laugh riot with Courtney Cox even funnier than she was on Friends. I've skipped the other two and I've heard they suck. Here's the full video from the song the teenage boyfriend sang on the Shelly Long episode.

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