Thursday, November 05, 2009


Andy Cohen is a Giant Gay Douche

Season two of Real Housewives of Atlanta has ended and VP of Programming for Brave Andy Cohen is hosting the reunion show...again. This one is so big and boring they had to make it two nights long so part two is tonight. Somehow TV producer Andy has fashioned himself into a TV personality by hosting all the reunion shows. But that wasn't enough and he had to created a talk show just for him called Watch What Happens Live. It's just awful. He tries to talk about current pop culture and politics. Please stop, you are such a self absorbed douche.

Anyway, The Real Housewives of Atlanta is just fascinating. First off, only one is a housewife. Sheree is a NFL divorcee and a wannabe fashion designer, not a housewife. Kim's husband just left the NFL and he seems to be taking care of the kids while she runs several businesses. Kandi is a never married songwriter who used to be in Escape. And then there's Kim. She's got that Big Papa money but she's certainly not a housewife. I don't really know what she does all day. Only the chemically imbalanced Nene is actually a housewife. Most of the episodes had to do with someone having a big party or event and then one of the other women making it all about herself. They are awful. I can't wait for season three!

BTW, I bought Kim's Tardy for the Party from iTunes this weekend. I'm just supporting bad behavior. Sorry.


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