Thursday, September 10, 2009


New Fall Shows 2009

The new fall season started last night with the debut of Glee. Here are the new shows this season I plan on watching:

Glee, 9/9/2009 on FOX
This premiered back in May and I love this show. Love it. Love it!

Community, 9/17/2009 on NBC
Joel McHale from The Soup is the star of this new sitcom about a bunch of characters at a community college. It looks like the best new comedy of the season.

Parenthood, 9/23/2009 on NBC
The movie was great and like 20 years old but I look forward to the very few episodes I expect out of this.

Modern Family, 9/23/2009 on ABC
Why watch Parenthood, which was about family life in the late 80s, when you can watch a total new and original show about three different families. One of them is a gay couple with an adopted baby

Cougar Town, 9/23/2009 on ABC
I love Courtney Cox Arquette although I don't think this show will be success. Maybe 6 episodes I guess.

Eastwick, 9/23/2009 on ABC
This could be this year's Ugly Betty or Desperate Housewives. I think it will be a big success. It's my number three show this year after FlashForward and Glee.

FastForward, 9/24/2009 on ABC
I'm looking forward to this show more than anything. Everyone blacks out and has a vision of the future. The future vision is for April 2010 so we can expect the show to catch up with its future before the end of the season. I'm worried that Penelope is in this. She needs to be on Lost more for the finale season.

V, 11/3/2009 on ABC
We have to wait until November but we get: Inara/Adria, Agent Baldwin, and Juliet all in the same series! I'm happy they are remaking this classic show from my childhood. I just hope they don't do the whole stealing-the-water story. There's so much water in the galaxy, there's no need to pull it out of our gravity well. Go gerbils!


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