Monday, June 08, 2009


Web Soup vs. Tosh.0

Two new almost identical shows debuted within the last week. Web Soup on G4 on Sunday (rerun tonight on E!) and Tosh.0 on Comedy Central on Wednesday. Both are clip shows from stuff taken from the web. The only clip they both had on their debut show was the elephant fisting another elephant with its trunk. Which should you watch?

I find Tosh.0 funnier. The host, Daniel Tosh, is very funny. They have higher production values including a segment where guests get to redo something they notoriously screwed up on the Internet in the past. Last week was the Afro Ninja this week is Miss Teen "Such As" South Carolina. Tosh also recreates some Internet videos on his show himself like chopping coconuts and the cinnamon challenge. And he had the hilarious recreation of Keyboard Cat with Kato Kaelin as the cat. See below. However with the high production values and the retarded way Comedy Central renews shows, I doubt this will be on for more than the summer. Then it may be renewed many months later but its momentum will be gone and that will be the end. Remember The Showbiz Show with David Spade?

Web Soup follows the same format without any location shoots, guests, or recreations. I thought the show started out a bit slow but I think it ended very strong. The host Chris Hardwick had a great recurring joke with the sexy rib commercial. With lower production costs, two network promotion, and a show not tied to the name of the host, this is likely to run for a long time.

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