Thursday, June 18, 2009


True Blood

As I write this I'm currently watching episode six of season one of True Blood. This HBO show was on last summer. Season two started up this week. First off, this show is awesome. If you have Netflix what you should do right now is put season one on your queue and move it to the top of the list.

After Buffy, The Vampire Slayer I was certain the vampire genre was done. That show was so well written, so well put together, and so funny, nothing else could ever do vampires as good. I watch the horrible train wreck of Twilight when it came out on DVD. This was such a crappy rip off of the teenage-vampire love affair of Buffy-Angel. And the stupid "sparkling in sunlight" instead of bursting in flame was beyond suck. Don't pay to see the sequels. And then the CW is having The Vampire Diaries this fall. This is an even worse rip off of the Buffy-Angel romance. Puh-leeze.

If you don't know what True Blood is about here is a short synopsis. It's modern times but a few years ago with the invention of synthetic blood, vampire have "come out of the coffin". In a small Louisiana town an old vampire had return to his original home around the time of a series of unexplained murders. The mystery is fantastic. But the most interesting thing is the integration of Vampires in the modern societies. As they push to gain acceptance the parallels to the push to gain rights and acceptance is an obvious parallel to the gay rights movement. The thing that makes it better than Buffy is the almost scientific look at the way vampires work. The vampire blood IS life and it has its own superior powers. In addition to the supernaturalness of vampires, there are other supernatural things going on. The main character played by Anna Paquin is a telepath. Her desire to have a vampire boyfriend makes perfect sense as he is the only love interest who she cannot hear thoughts. This show is very well written.

But the number one reason to watch the show is super hottie Jason Stackhouse (pictured). He is incredibly hot and a total brain dead man whore. As this is the south, he spends much of the time without his shirt on. I love it. He is played by the hot and brilliant Australian actor Ryan Kwanten. I love him. My three month free HBO subscription ends in two weeks but this show is making me consider paying for it for a few more months.


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