Thursday, June 11, 2009


And Speaking of Cartoons...

New episodes of Phineas and Ferb resume on Friday. This replace SpongeBob as my favorite kid's show. The show is very funny and they've got songs in every episode. Here's a few good songs:

There's lots more one YouTube.

Recently my friend Art from Dallas suggest I watch a show on Cartoon Network called The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. This show is rather silly and the animation is bad. It took me a few episodes to get into it. It's about a kid who was adopted by a big whale named Bubbie. It's kind of confusing because she is raising him to be and Adventurers yet she is very over protective. Helping out with Flapjack's adventure training is Captain K'nuckles who leaches off of Bubbie and usually gets Flapjack into trouble on his ever present quest for candy. Candy is a metaphor for booze which an old sea captain would really be searching for. The captain has had most of his body parts replaced with wooden artificial limbs. They live at Stormalong Harbor in the pirate/Victorian era. The docks seem completely disconnected from any land mass. All of the actual land are islands which have very specific purposes such as Maple Syrup Island, Pickle Island, Plague Island, and the always elusive goal of Candied Island. My friend Betsy from Sacramento hates this show. Sorry Betsy but I like it.

While watching Flapjack I saw commercials for a show called The League of Super Evil. I've been watching this all week. It has a great collection of bumbling wanna be super villains. Their leader is Voltar who never sets his evil goals high enough. For instance he aspires to change the city clock ahead five minutes so every thinks they are late. Muh-hu-ha-ha-ha! The super genius Doctor Frogg is constantly getting hurt while he tries to take over the world. The dim witted Red Menace doesn't really even know what evil is and mostly ends up doing good. The final member of the team is Doomageddon. He their pet who has actual super powers. He can teleport and hover and shrink in size. He's the only one who ever ends up doing any evil, usually against his fellow team members. In fact the super heroes in their city are usually the ones who do bad things, causing collateral damage or overzealously enforcing the rules. It's a fun show.

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