Saturday, March 07, 2009


It's Malarky, Mumbo Jumbo, Grandma Grandpa, Cook Some Gumbo

I don't usually blog about Best Week Ever anymore. It's just not as funny as it used to be and it's only about 30% as funny as The Soup. But this week the winner of Best Week Ever was People Who Just Discovered Twitter. I haven't twittered since last summer. Unless you count the Loopt updates which are linked to Twitter. And that died out last fall. Twitter pretty much died out for me because of Facebook. I can micro-blog in the same application I upload photos, send out event invitations, and play useless games. And I've set up text message notifications for about a dozen friends so I get immediate twitter-like notifications. In fact while I was typing this I found out Dean is making snowballs. Thanks non-Twitter Facebook!

I did log on to Twitter and looked through my history. Here are some of the good ones:

Don't use Twitter.

I think the actual winner ended up being the sleep walking dog if I am not mistaken. My eyes are still blurry from tears over the Bachelor finale so I might be wrong.
I am actually seriously annoyed at all this twitter talk. God, this morning on NPR they were even talking about it. Exactly them same way,

"Now what is it? Tweet? I'm tweeting? Twitter-fuck? Twitter-twat? Twat did you say, I can't twitter you? Oh this is fun!"

Even Jon Stewart. It's so lame. If twitter wasn't dead, they just made it dead. I have a twitter account to promote I'll never look at it the same.
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