Sunday, February 08, 2009


VH1 has no QA

What's going on over at VH1? Yesterday I was watching a video block I Tivo'd from the middle of the week. I like to keep up with the new videos once a month so. I was happy to see the new Kelly Clarkson video, My Life Would Suck Without You. But the title looked a little funny in the corner.

"M Life Would Suck..." Who let that slip by? It was the same later when it was on again. Then there was a new song I hadn't heard before. I went back to see the title of the song. It was a new artist I hadn't heard either named Brett Dennen. The song had an odd title "Make Your Crazy".

I looked it up on iTunes and indeed the true title of the song is "Make You Crazy". What is going on over at VH1? Do they even watch what they are putting on TV? What about Kelly and Brett's people?

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