Wednesday, February 11, 2009


LOST 5.04 - That's my lawyer

If you haven't yet seen LOST Untangled on, you must watch it. It's this guy who does four minute recaps of recent episodes. You can see the one for last week right here:

My favorite part is the exchange between Ben and Sun, even though that didn't really happen yet.

So Kate episodes have always been my least favorite so I wasn't too thrilled with last week's episode. But the events on the island were fun and mysterious. The flashback was again on the Seeker as we see how it turned out that Kate became Aaron mother. The she and Jack went off to solve the mystery of who wants to take Ben. By the end four of the Oceanic Six where all at the waterfront. Over on the island there was lots of fun adventure and someone comes back from the dead. Well Jin really wasn't dead but we were lead to believe that. As soon the the survivors found the supplies with French writing, everyone knew what time they were in. And then Rousseau and the other French people found Jin. I don't know why the French wasn't subtitled. So I have two theories to why he is with the French. One, he is traveling along with the other survivors. But since he was further out from the island than the helicopter that wouldn't make make sense. Unless the helicopter didn't move with the island because they were in flight. The second idea is he isn't moving with the survivors. The explosion and the island move pushed him permanently back in time to 1988. I guess we will see tonight. So the big cliffhanger is the reveal that the French woman is Rousseau, big surprise. But the new actress seems a bit too young for the role. Delenn is 53 years old so when she was pregnant with Alex she would have been in her 30's. At that seems consistent with someone who works on a research vessel. The new actress looks like shes 20 at most. Anyway here's what we learned:
And here are the new questions:

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