Thursday, February 05, 2009


LOST 5.02 - You Won't Ever Have To Lie Again

Another good episode of LOST last night. But I'm still backlogged from my trip. Episode 2 was called The Lie and obviously was about the lie that Oceanic Six told for the last four years with a flashback where they first discussed it. Hurley episodes are always fun. The sequence where Hurley tells his mother the true story of the island was a great moment. Everyone but the Oceanic survivors call Hurley "Hugo", his real name. The Oceanic Six continued their gathering. Sun came to L.A. and contacted Kate. Sayid was brought to Jack. But Ben's offer to Hurley about not having to lie any more wasn't good enough and now Hurley is out of reach. But the biggest mystery is what is going on in the basement of the Church. It looks like there is Dharma computers and manuals and the women doing the calculation was no other than the strange women who told Desmond he couldn't change the past back in the 90's, Ms. Hawking. Here are the other new questions:


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