Friday, February 06, 2009


Burn Notice Returns

First off I have to say that Hulu has saved my life. Not literally of course. Before my trip I forgot to re-add Burn Notice to my TiVo. So the first two episodes of this episode set would have been lost to me if not for the wonders of If you haven't seen the new Hulu Super Bowl commercial, it's awesome and it's right here!

Last night was the third episode of this half of the second season. Unfortunately there are only seven episodes in this set. This show is really great. In my opinion, a great modern show has four elements.
  1. Great characters that are likable. Micheal, Fiona, and Sam make a great team. The P-Flag Mom is awesome as Michael's chain smoking mom. Although her main job seems to be hosting Michael's clients while they are hiding from the bad guys.
  2. A great story arc. For Burn Notice it is all about the title of the show: who put the burn notice out on Michael? But they don't over do it. Which leads me to #3.
  3. Great stand alone episodes. Each week Michael and his team solve great mysteries and help out the underdogs. Most of the time they screw over the bad guys by turning other bad guys against them.
  4. Something original. With Burn Notice they have McGyver like gadgets with creative voice over. Neither of these are real original. What they have are creative captions. At the point Michael decides to take the case, "The Client" is written underneath the client. It's neat and original.

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