Tuesday, January 13, 2009


VH1 New Shows

Recently Rock of Love Charm School Starring Sharon Osbourne came to an end. During the reunion show Sharon threw her drink on the bikini clad, retarded dog owner, scheming Megan. That wasn't very charming. Now that this and some of their other reality shows have ended, the new shows are starting.

Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels. Bret is back with more crazy bitches. This time they are on a bus following him are tour. Unfortunately none of them were involved in the bus accident that plagued Bret's tour last year. How many buses does he have?

Sober House. The continuation of the Celebrity Rehab. I liked it when they just had fat celebrities on VH1.

Tool Academy. Similar to Charm School but for guys and no one we've seen before. They are supposed to be learning how to be better boyfriends to their girlfriends. The real reason they are tools is because they have girlfriends. They must not have any game.

Confessions of a Teen Idol. Scott Baio's newest show. He and the Wonder Years older brother have gathered seven former teen actors (two from Baywatch alone) and they go through counseling and stuff and try to make it back into the business.

Scott Baio's Show: What does he advise them? OK, step 1, find 7 loser actors and start a reality show giving them advice on how to get back in the business.
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