Monday, January 12, 2009


KOMO Tally Voo

I don't have ABC any more. DISH Network and KOMO, the Seattle affiliate, are not playing nice right now. KOMO, which gets its bandwidth for free from the government, is demanding a really high per subscriber fee from DISH Network to rebroadcast their channel. Since they get all their revenue from the commercials on the over the air broadcast (from the bandwidth given to them by the government for free) all money they demand from me and other DISH subscribers is pure profit. Did I mention that my taxes pay for their over the air bandwidth?

So now I can't watch many of my favorite shows on TV any more. No Desperate Housewives. No Ugly Betty. And starting next week, no LOST. I will have to watch these shows online. Eff You channel 4.

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I'd be like, "Eff you DiSH". How are they going to sell that service with no Live with Regis and Margaret?
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