Friday, January 09, 2009


Closing the Gate

Stargate: Atlantis finishes a five season run tonight with it's 100th and final episode. I'm sad to see this franchise go from SciFi's Friday lineup where it has been a staple for many years. Tonight Earth and the Atlantis team react to an attack by the Wraith, the evil life sucking villains of the far away Pegasus Galaxy. Thanks to the awesome CSI type Vegas episode last week that took place in a parallel universe, the wraith in our universe found the location of Earth. It is not clear how they will get there as they lack the Asgard inter-galactic hyperdrive technology. The season will end with some sort of cliff hanger which will be resolved in one of the two direct to DVD movies. I really like Atlantis. It took SG1 a few years to really get going. I thought Atlantis was great from the first season.

Stargate is not dead. In fact the set from SG1 still exists. They are still making direct to DVD movies. As long as those are making money I guess they will keep making them. Also there is a new series in development: Stargate: Universe which will begin this summer on SciFi. But that is going to be completely self contained with no cross over characters like Col. Carter and Maj. Davis on tonight's episode (pictured). I'll watch it and I'll like it.


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