Tuesday, January 13, 2009


American Idol? More like Embarrassing Idol

I decided not to fight the Idol this year. Usually I complain about and mock the show. Then by the middle of the season, I'm hooked. This year I'm started from the beginning. I'm watching the first episode right now. They are auditioning in Phoenix. They are only on the third applicant and Paula is already throwing stuff at Simon. He did take a cheep shot at Straight Up! so he did deserve it. I think he has a writer. My early impression is The New Chick is a great addition. She has lots of industry experience. I don't know her name and I will always just call her The New Chick.

I still think the audition episodes are just mean. You know that the four judges don't see all 100,000 applicants. That means the bad people who go before them have already been screened once of twice. They are being set up to be embarrassed on national television. I think that's kind of despicable.


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