Monday, December 22, 2008


The Year in Review

2008 was the crappiest of crappy years. It's not surprising then that the winner of Best Year Ever was something stupid. They chose Cory Worthington. This was the Australian idiot who threw a big destructive party way back in January. Of course the other choices weren't much better: Cloris Leachman, David Cook, Sarah Palin, and the pregnant man. Cloris might have been the better choice. But then they couldn't have done the funny realty show series of jokes. Regardless this is definitely the year Best Year Ever jumped the shark. As much as I enjoy Paul F. Topkins, it's just not as good.

I've decided the best pop culture show is The Soup on E! Joel McHale is a great host. Their year end show is The Clip Down and they have only shown part one. Part two is on 1/2/9. In addition to their weekly pop culture show, they also have another clip show called "The Soup Presents" where they put a bunch of clips in the same theme together.

There are other year end show such as The Today Show's top 5 news stories of the year which is on tonight on NBC. I'll be very happy when this crappy year is over.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008


I Can't Avoid the Snow

The snowpocalypse is upon in Seattle, I just can't seem to avoid snow even on TV. This morning I watch an old episode of Girls Next Door I had missed from last season. The girls went Snowboarding in Vale. I was the best type of GND episode. The girls, this time without Hef, go on an adventure together. Bridget cared most about looking super cute in her ski outfit while Kendra tried to zoom down the mountain and learn new snowboard tricks. This season has had some good adventure type episodes, but the ones where they search for a new anniversary playmate were super lame. More adventures! More Vegas!

Anyway they I went to the gym and continued watching my latest gym show on my iPhone, Band of Brothers. I was on part 6 of 10. This episode was in the height of winter in Belgium. The miniseries has been really good although it can be very bloody at time. Kill those Nazis! As you know, there were no good Nazis.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Family Christmas Specials

This year sees the debut of two new family Christmas specials. First up is A Miser Brothers Christmas on ABC Family. This is a sequel to the beloved Christmas Special A Year Without Santa Claus. The constantly battling Miser Brothers, Heat Miser and Snow Miser must work together when their even more annoying brother North Wind takes out Santa so he himself can take the glory of delivering toys to the children of the world. This debuted on Saturday but will be repeated over the weekend. I watch the first 15 minutes and it looked funny. A Year Without Santa Claus was always the favorite in my house. My brother always called me Heat Miser since I have red hair. He was tall and skinny so he took the role of Snow Miser.

The on Wednesday is a brand new Muppet Christmas Special - A Muppet Christmas: Letters to Santa. When the Muppets mistakenly pick up a bag of letters bound for Santa, they head to the north pole to deliver them directly. This is the third Muppet Christmas special after the Muppet Christmas Carol and a Very Merry Muppet Christmas. Yay for Muppets!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Very Special Christmas Episode

I love a good Christmas episode. Last year we got royally screwed out of Christmas episodes because of the strike. But they are back this year. Tonight I'm looking forward to Christmas at 30 Rock. Liz is alone! Jenna sings! Stritchy returns as Jack's mom! It's going to be great.

Next week I'm looking forward to Chuck's Christmas episode. Besides being an awesome spy show, Chuck is a great show about a retail store. This year they already had a great Thanksgiving/Black Friday episode. Christmastime at the Buy More can't be anything but great, especially with a promised hostage situation.

Also up tonight is an Office Christmas and on Monday there is a gift giving fiasco at The Big Bang Theory.

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008


The Last Boston Legal Ever

Boston Legal ended it's five year run last night with a Christmas episode and a wedding. Two weddings actually. Murphy Brown got married to Dan Fielding and Captain Kirk got gay married to Alan Shore. I think the best way for TV shows to end is with a wedding and we got two. Plus they returned to the Supreme Court and got bought out by the Chinese who then dropped Crane from the name of the firm. The show ran for 101 great episodes and the most cast changes of any show I can think of. The last season had a trimmed down cast of only six including the four who were married and the British chick and the guy with Asperger Syndrome. Those two were dating in the last few episodes.

But the big story of the last episode was the same sex marriage of two straight men, Denny Crane and Alan Shore. With Denny's health deteriorating, he wanted his best friend Alan to both handle his medical decisions and inherit his vast estate. Of course there is a major flaw with this plot line. DoMA, the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996 prohibits the federal government from recognizing any same sex marriages which are legal in any states, such as Massachusetts. So Alan will get no additional tax benefit as Denny's spouse in the transfer of wealth. But other than that huge flaw, it was a great end to a great series.


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