Monday, November 24, 2008


A Steven Colbert Christmas

Last night was the debut of A Steven Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of all. It had everything a great Christmas special should have: special guests, rustic mountain location, random song and dance numbers, a bear attack, a mistletoe inspired kiss, and Santa.

You see Steven was up at his rustic mountain cabin and trying to get down to New York to record his fabulous holiday special with Elvis Costello. Unfortunately we gets trapped by a wild bear. They are godless killing machines you know. Luckily the bear didn't stop Toby Keith, John Legend, and Jon Stewart from dropping by to sing a song. I watched it last night and then scanned through it again this morning to watch the songs. If you missed it, you can get it on Amazon or iTunes. Oh look, mistletoe. Well this is awkward.


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