Wednesday, October 22, 2008


You Are The Darlingiest Darling of Them All

If you aren’t watching Dirty Sexy Money, what’s wrong with you? It is a great guilty pleasure with some well known actors. The show revolves around The Darling Family, the richest family in the country. Or is it the world? I don’t remember. Either way it’s as if Warren Buffet, The Kennedys, and The Hiltons were all rolled up into one fictional family. And the man holding it all together is the family lawyer, the guy from Six Feet Under who isn’t Dexter. He relunctantly took the job after his dad, who was the previous lawyer, died under suspicious circumstances. Now the police have arrested Latisha, the Darling matriarch for the murder as she was having an affair with him, for 40 years. Clearly she’s not guilty and neither is the dad. It is too obvious. So who really did kill Dutch? My vote is on his long missing wife, Not-Dexter’s mom.

Another reason to watch is Lucy Lui as the prosecuting attorney. She balances out Blair Underwood as the business rival. I loved him on L.A. Law but I don’t like him in this role.


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