Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Mother Superior Is Not One of Your FANS

Pushing Daisies is on tonight. It is my favorite show right now. ABC really has some great stuff. This season Olive Snook went to live in a convent after the pressure of keeping everyone’s secrets got to her. Her Mother Superior looked familiar so I looked her up on the internets. It turns out she is none other than Mommy Dearest daughter and Other's sheriff, Diana Scarwid. Tonight the Pie Maker and Emerson Cod go undercover at said convent. There’s a death at the nunnery and they are on the case. Hopefully this will mean Olive will be returning to the Pie Hole. Or at least she’ll sing again. More singing!

The Mommy Dearest photo was from an outdoor movie in New Orleans taken with my iPhone.


I was wondering how that title was going to tie in the actual content of your post. I will always beat Mother Superior *slap*!
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