Thursday, October 30, 2008



30 Rock returns tonight. Today I was having lunch with friend of DtvB, Matt and I was talking about an artical I recently read with details about the November sweeps shows. Matt asked if for 30 Rock is simply said, "30 Rock will be on in November." I'm sad 30 Rock got such a late start this year but perhaps it was all for the best. Tina Fey has become even more super famous thanks to her Sarah Palin sketches. She his been pimping out 30 Rock every chance she gets. I heard one interview where she was asked is she thought her impression were influencing public opinion of the GOP VP candidate. She replied, "I can't even influence people to watch 30 Rock." Good for you Tina!

30 Rock is the funniest show on TV right now. The premise is great (behind the scenes at a SNL type show). The stars are great (Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan and of course Tina Fey). The supporting characters are hilarious (especially Kenneth the Page). And the sexual tension slash friendship between Jack and Liz just makes the show. Tonight is special guest star Megan Mullaly.

Watch this show!


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