Thursday, September 04, 2008


Shows Returning for a 2nd Season

Even with the writer's strike anomaly last year, there are not that many shows returning for a second year. Here the list plus what I said about them.

The Big Bang Theory
May: It's Beauty and the Geek in sitcom form. It's got a great time slot but The Class didn't do well last time.
September: TiVo gave me the pilot on-demand somehow. It looks good but there are other things in this time slot so this gets the ax.
Now: I didn't get to watch the whole season because of conflicts but I like what I saw. I hope to see more this year or maybe watch some online. had a really bad server so it was hard. Maybe they have updated it.

Gossip Girl
May: Another teen drama about some elite prep school kids whose life keeps getting documented on the Internet by a mysterious blogger named "Gossip Girl". This looks like it could be good. VMVO is the voice of Gossip Girl.
September: It's The OC in NY. Who is the Gossip Girl who blogs about her fellow students at this exclusive Upper East Side prep school? I want to know!
Now: I dropped this show after three episodes. Don't these kids have parents? Seriously.

Pushing Daisies
May: This show seems quite strange. This guy can bring people back to life so he uses his power to solve crimes. But if he touches the same person a second time, they die again.
Sept: This has been getting lots of buzz. The premise sounds great: a pie maker has the ability to bring people back from the dead with a touch. But a second touch sends them back to the great beyond. The Principal from Boston Public plays a detective who the pie dude helps solve the murder of the people he brings back from the dead. The love story between him and a girl he brings back from the dead but can't touch already sounds tiring.
Now: This was my FAVORITE show of the season. The quirkiness and the random singing made this show a top pick. I love all the characters and the brightly colored world they live in. I can't wait for more and I can't wait to watch it in HD.

Private Practice
May: The highly anticipated spin-off to Grey's Anatomy.
Sept: It's the most anticipated new show of the season. I'm not watching it but I think it will be very successful. I think it will outshine Grey's Anatomy.
Now: Didn't watch it. Don't plan to.

Dirty Sexy Money
May: Finally we've got a possible replacement for Dynasty/Dallas. This rich family drama is from the point of view of their new lawyer.
Sept: Finally a nighttime soap about the super-rich. The Carrington's were the richest family in Colorado, but this family is a super-rich Manhattan family. I like the idea of the show being from the point of view of the new family lawyer.
Now: I loved it. I can't wait for more.

May: A computer hacker accidentally gets all kinds of government secrets downloaded into his brain and becomes a new secret agent. The best news: super hot Adam Baldwin is co-starring as the military contact. I can never get enough of him.
Sept: A nerd who works at a Best Buy type store gets all the government secrets downloaded into his brain and becomes a reluctant secret agent. Plus super hot Adam Baldwin from Firefly costars. This is my number one choice for the fall.
Now: It started slow but really pick up and I can't wait for more. I love the back story with the dead/not dead roommate and Chuck's near miss at the CIA while in college.

May: A cop drama with the main detective just having got out of jail after getting acquitted. Sounds interesting but I don't watch too many cop shows.
Sept: I may drop this show after a few episodes. I'm not one for the standard police procedural but this has a good mystery behind it. The main character was frame for murder and spent 11 years in jail. Now in addition to the case of the week, he is also working on finding out who framed him in the first place.
Now: I watched the whole season in a weekend (it was shortened by the strike). I was impressed with it. They tied up one of the main mysteries by the end of the season. Plus how many hot red-head cops are on TV? Who says there is no Life on TV on Fridays.

Lipstick Jungle
May: It's the old smart-women-in-a-fashion-magazine show again. But this time it's a drama and more Sex and the City. We had enough of these in the 90's. The good news: Kim Raver is starring. The bad news: Kim Raver is starring which means she won't be on 24 next season either.
Sept: I didn't comment since it was moved to mid season
Now: I still don't plan to watch it but I like Brooke Shield's on Runway this season.

May: A guy becomes a bounty hunter for Satan because his parent's sold his soul when he was a baby. The killer from Twin Peaks plays Satan.
Sept: This sounds like lots of fun. That guy from The Loop finds out he was sold to the devil by his parents as a baby. The devil is played by Laura Palmer's father/murderer. Now the guy is 21 and has to become the devil's bounty hunter. It's a great action/sci-fi/comedy!
Now: I wasn't expecting much from this and it delivered with some really great arcs and surprises. Is Sam's dad a demon or is the devil really his dad? I want to know? It's not coming back until mid-season

Mid-Season shows
Eli Stone - This was great. I love quirky lawyer shows. I missed a few due to TiVo priorities. I think I'll get the DVDs to catch up.
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - It's the terminator of the week show.

Congratulations to all sophomore shows!


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