Monday, September 29, 2008


Heroes and Villians

Heroes is on tonight. Last week was the season premier. The arc they have set up for the season are really good so far. Some real baddies broke out of the paper company prison. Syler killed Ned the insurance agent from Groundhog Day. Nikki has a new personality and a new power. Cool! Hiro has a new nemesis and Ando gets powers. Parkmen gets sent to Africa. Mohinder and the one of the annoying twins get it on. The President of the Galaxy joins the cast as the governor of New York.

But besides the things I love, there's one lame thing and one super lame thing. Mohinder's research to add and remove power with an injection is a bit too much like The 4400. We haven't found out what the side effects are yet. But there's something so terrible about the show now. Syler cut opened Claire's brain, took her power and then she lived. He knew she was going to live. This means if he had killed her at Homecoming in the first season, she would have survived then too. So she never really needed saving. The big tagline from the first season was all unnecessary. I hate when shows throw out the past.

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