Thursday, August 07, 2008


Reality Shows Are Creating a Nation of Potty Mouths

When I was a child there was no foul language on TV. I rarely heard any curse words until High School. Even in movies, the characters weren't that fast and loose with the words banned from TV. But they were scripted characters. The new crop of reality shows are a different animal. Especially the VH1 shows, the people on getting bleeped constantly. Even though we don't hear their words, we know what they are saying. This is how a lot of people talk in normal life. But the problem is a lot of people are like me and we start talking like the people around us or the people on TV. So with all the bad words on TV, more people use them in real life who then get on reality shows and then repeat the cycle.

Example #1: The Sopranos. I had to stop watching this for two reasons. The first is that is was just a bit too violent for me. But also I find myself dropping the F-bomb more often when I watch. I know friend of DtvB, Sean, has told me it has the same effect on him. Example #2, when I watch Middle Man, I find myself saying ridiculous non curse words like "Cheese and Crackers!" I say, reject bad language, because fake curse words are funny. Except 'cunt'. That word is always hilarious.

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