Tuesday, July 15, 2008



So the newest hit of the summer is ABCs Wipeout. For some odd reason America's Got Talent is the highest rated show right now, but Wipeout has been pulling in good ratings so we can be sure it will be back. Each week the unknown contestants tackle the most ridiculous obstacle course. Most of the time they end up falling in the water or the mud. I don't like the obstacles that are completely undoable, like the stupid wall with the boxing gloves. I've never seen anyone make it across that. Last week someone actually made it across the big balls. After the first round, the top 12 move on to my favorite part of the episode, The Sweeper. They must stand on 10 foot high pedestals while this huge bar spins around to try to knock them in the water. In the end usually the youngest most athletic person wins the $50k. It's a fun show that one can watch while doing other things, like blogging. Hey let's all blog.


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