Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Samantha Brown's Passport to China

A week from Friday the biggest acceptable form of child abuse will be broadcast live from Bejing. I shan't be watching little girls doing crazy fast flips and breaking their legs. But to gear up for the first Olympics in China, The Travel Channel is having China Week. It's not unlike Shark Week on the Discover Channel last week.

I'll be watching Samantha Brown's show, Passport to China. A new one hour episode is on every night this week. Last night was Bejing. Samantha Brown is the perfect travel host. Every place she goes she just looks at things with such wonder. Whether it's fake or not, it's fun to watch her. She also has to show off her hotel, something she does so well from her tour on Great Hotels. I look forward to the other episodes this week.


On NPR all they talk about is how bad the air is and how you can't even see the sky in Beijing. So the good news is that there probably won't be an Olympics because the competitors won't be able to breath. But don't worry, you wouldn't be able to see them anyway.
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