Monday, July 07, 2008


I Love Money

So rather than trying to put together a new dating show for one of the retarded cast offs from Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, or I Love New York, VH1 has put a bunch of these social misfits together for a new game show called I Love Money. The first episode aired last night. They brought all the favorite crazys back including that chick who spat on New York, that chick who got “Bret” tattooed on her neck, those idiot brothers who moved from their mom’s horse ranch to South Central L.A. and constantly claim they are from “tha hood”, and of course Midget Mac, the little person who almost drown on I Love New York 2. The only good person in the bunch is Rodeo from Rock of Love. Of course she went crazy on that show crying about missing her kids and singing some song about it. It looks like she’s only here to promote her clothing line and salsa brand. Good for you cougar lady!

In the first episode Midget Mac pissed off everyone in the house by telling one of the women she probably had herpes. At least he didn't back down. "Yeah, I said it, what're you gonna do?" What they did was not pick him for one of the teams effectively making him the first eliminated.

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