Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Eureka Season 3

Eureka starts up it’s third summer season tonight on the Sci Fi channel. Last year I sandbagged the show and watched half the season one afternoon while building something in the Lego room. I picked up a clear pattern of the show. First some new simple technology or concept is introduced, usually from a new guest character. Then something unrelated goes horribly wrong. The scientist have to explain the phenomenon to Sheriff Carter and thus explain it to the audience. They investigate what the think is the cause of the problem but ultimately they discover that the simple tech introduced at the beginning was not unrelated at all. Even knowing the pattern it is still a fun show to watch. There's a lot of humor mixed in although I wouldn't necessarily classify it as a comedy. I don’t think any other show does corporate R&D as convincing as Global Dynamics. Technically they report to the DOD so this makes it yet another military based Sci Fi show. There's not many office workplace shows anymore and this is the only one since Dilbert to feature product development.


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