Thursday, June 26, 2008


30 Days Doesn’t Do ‘Gay’ Well

I really like the FX show, 30 Days. It’s far more to the documentary side of the spectrum, not the reality show side. No one wins anything at the end of the show. People just learn a lot about themselves and others. The episodes without any growth, however, are the gay ones. In the first season they took a religious extremist and had him move to San Francisco with a gay roommate and work in a gay bar. He left the experience as anti-gay as when he started. Last night on the latest episode, they took a Mormon women and moved her into a family with two gay dads and their four adopted kids. At the end she was just as anti-gay as when she started. The gay couple were all very nice and non-confrontational with her. Her worst conversation was with the straight family members who would not accept her intolerance. She stormed out of there crying.

The problem is of course, you can’t change people’s religion. Changing someone opinion on animal rights or gun rights is not as core to their perceived being as their religion. And even though I could go on and on about how religion is wrong on homosexuality, they are brainwashed a certain way and they aren’t going to change. The good thing is more of them are dying each year than are converted so eventually we will have marriage equality, adoption equality, job safety, etc. Very soon their opinion will be a small minority.


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