Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Work Out's New Season

Somehow Work Out on Bravo! managed to start their new season completely under my radar. I happened to see a short mention in the TV Guide and added last week to my TiVo. Tonight is a supposed big show down between mean-spirited-lesbian-trainer Jackie, and cry-baby-hot-straight-boy Peeler. On the previews she threatens to fire him. Oh my, what delicious drama. There is also lots of lesbian drama. Which straight girl kissed Jackie on the Olivia Lesbian cruise? Actually, I think all of them did and I could care less. But I love that they think it is a big deal. There are some hunky new faces and they all went on a mud run last week while the ladies cruised with the fishes.

BTW, their wikipedia page is awful. They don't have the number of seasons or episodes or the episodes titles. Do lesbians not use wikipedia?


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