Sunday, May 25, 2008


Why is Ugly Betty in Seattle?

For the two seasons of Ugly Betty, they have used the Seattle skyline as establishing shots. I imagine this passes by without many people noticing. Of course I saw it right away. I don't know why they are using Seattle shots instead of New York shots. My guess is there is some sort of cross-editing with Grey's Anatomy which does take place in Seattle. Ugly Betty, like most shows, is filmed in L.A. They usually do a good job of making the show look like it takes place in New York. Next season they will actually film the show in New York. I think that's a bad idea. Ugly Betty has this rich wonderful look with bright colors. Without the bright and more direct L.A. sunlight, the exterior shot will look a little more depressing like Law and Order. I'm sure post production will still take place in L.A. so I don't think we've seen the last of the Seattle skyline in Ugly Betty.

I found the finale to be funny and frustrating. Betty's "difficult choice" is not really that difficult. She could move to Tucson, thousands of miles from her family and dream job to live with Henry who will be constantly distracted by his child and baby mama. Or she can go to Rome with hot Gio paid for by Daniel and then return to her family and Mode just in time for the new fall season. It's clear what she'll do.

Other new developments included insta-child Daniel Jr., Wilhelmina and Mark return to Mode, and Hilda hooking up with hot Coach Ranger Guy. I call him Ranger Guy because that's what I called him on Invasion since I could never remember his character name.


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